Unalienable Rights, given to us by God, allow us to return to God.   That is their purpose, and why they are fundamental to the American Republic.  The free State allows the ascendancy of man to return to the source of everything (God) and attain true happiness.

That is to say, true happiness is attained when we are in the presence of God.   Conversely, as there is no happiness apart from God, the rejection of God results in unhappiness. Likewise, without free will (liberty), there is no opportunity for choices between right and wrong.   The Rights of Man are thus essential for the Christian to be Christian where one can exercise free will and choose to serve God.   The US Constitution, therefore, is not a secular document which confines the roles of Government and Church into separate spheres, but is essentially the codification of requirements that must exist for the Gospel to be taught and followed righteously.

The US Constitution, therefore, creates a form of government written to allow man to be saved, and as such contains the Christian notions of individual liberty – such as freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and others.  Those who do not understand the purpose of American government, or have chosen to reject God, will not understand my meaning – since the liberties of God do not originate from Man, or Man’s creation, but from the divine source which created all things.

We seek to follow the example of Christ.  To be Christian.  As such, we seek the perfection of man’s existence on earth by grace through salvation, made possible by Christ    Salvation allows us to return to our Heavenly Father.   He loves us enough to give us the ability to choose to serve Him by the exercise of Free Will.   We can exercise our Free Will to serve Him and seek exaltation because it makes us happy to be in the presence of God.   By serving others in Christian charity, we serve Him.  By encouraging other in Christian hope, we serve Him.   By sustaining others in Christian love, we serve Him.   By serving others, we are in a pursuit of happiness.

The birth of Christ represents this new covenant with man, that we have the ability to choose the right and serve our Heavenly Father and live our life as an example for others.  The birth, life, death and resurrection of Christ embodies the gospel of Christ, as taught by his apostles and disciples to the early Church.   It all began in a humble barn where the mother of Christ suffered the pain of childbirth as only a mother can suffer.   She swaddled him in cloth and held him close to her bosom. 


As I write this, many families are gathered together to celebrate Christmas Eve.   Some will open gifts (representing the gifts of the three wise men), and others will share a feast of bounty in thanks, or attend church services, Christmas concerts, plays, and other festivities.   The theme shared among all of the activities is the love of God, who did not hide the truth from Jesus.   When Jesus prayed in the garden of Gethsemane – he prayed as a man.    He was Emmanuel (translated means ‘God with Us”) – a human being – and Heavenly Father sent an angel to strengthen him in his task.

Why do I celebrate Christmas?   It has little to do with the date specifically – but it has everything to do with the message and the messenger. 

I hope that you and your loved ones, if you’re reading this, celebrate the birth of Christ knowing that our souls are eternal, our nature is spiritual, our love is the greater among hope and joy, and our pursuit of happiness is with purpose.  

I wish you a Merry Christmas!

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