Free Motion Graphics Template for Adobe's Premiere Pro CC (2018)

I produced this simple title template on a whim while training myself.   After export I realized that I should have included some additional effects widgets, such as the ability to change the font type, and perhaps the text position.  I’ll endeavor to include such effects in a future release.

My First Release

I purchased Macromedia’s Studio MX for $750 in 2002.  Soon after I purchased Studio MX, Adobe purchased Macromedia.   A year later Adobe released their first creative suite, which was a bundle of the titles in Studio MX along with Photoshop and Acrobat PDF.  I’ve been an Adobe customer ever since and I’ve used Adobe products in a continual progression until today, running the Adobe Creative cloud.    I’ve also been formally trained to use Premiere Pro and After Effects as of CS5.    Both of these products have gone through significant changes over the years, and I’m reacquiring skills long since forgotten.   I use both the Mac OS and Windows OS versions of the software, and I can argue that the differences between the UI (user interface) versions are minimal.

The Struggle

I’ve wanted to be able to produce something with value and share it with my audience for some time now.   I’ve struggled to find an answer.   What can I do that would help people in their day to day operation?   I want to offer more than merely advice or opinion – but something tangible and meaningful.     I’ve been blind because the answer has been staring me in the face and I’ve not been able to see it.   In typical fashion, I overthought the answer.   I work with Adobe products everyday.   Duh.   I can create and share motion graphics templates and make them available for download for free.

Why Free

I’m not going to lie.   I’m sharing this and future motion graphics templates for free in the hopes that you’ll subscribe to my YouTube channel, as I explain and offer tutorials of Adobe products.  I will continue to share these for free regardless, but you’ll get notification and access to the templates if you’re a subscriber of my channel, and I’ll receive compensation when you watch my videos.  I would also like to kick up my game with my video editing skills.   My motion graphics work takes place on a PC, and I import them and edit videos on an iMac.

My Promise to You

If you subscribe to my channel, I want to be more than a faceless voice behind a screencast tutorial.   Given the amount of experience I have in multiple subjects, I’ll also likely touch upon other topics – such as hardware selection, and other topics in technology and art.   The motion FX templates that I create and share will be cross platform compatible with the latest release of Adobe’s CC on the date of release.   If you have suggestions for me to produce, let me know.   I’m willing to try, and I’m open to learning something new if necessary.  =)