It might be an over-generalized thought commonly known throughout the world, but why should I be any different.   Everyone wants to be happy and live life in a carefree manner.

Crazy vegans in San Fransisco who have convinced themselves that they are reincarnated aristocracy find happiness standing in line at a local salad buffet.  There are some fighter pilots who would love to play a game of supersonic chicken at 38,000 feet in an F-14 Tomcat.  


It seems rather self-evident to me, therefore, that the principal question for human beings regarding a happy life is somewhat dependent upon our life motivations.

Quite a few of us are happiest making or listening to music, some of us are motivated by cuisine and culinary art, others by creative visual art, and yet others by making money, or physical recreation or masochism.   I mean, who the hell enjoys muscle and joint pain?    A crazy person.   Right?    So, even crazy people have a desire to be happy.   


Now, as further evidence of my postulate, I submit the humble new years resolution.  Every January, people make resolutions for the new year.  The promises they make to their future self is an attempt to convince themselves that they will be “more happy” by meeting personal goals.   They seek to empower a happy life with a belief that their future self will be better if they meet some seemingly random goal of self-improvement.

Why do we humans do this?  

Seriously.   I mean, maybe I should have been born a Vulcan and sought a sublime state of Kolinar.  But alas, I am human. 

It is my contention that as a human, we do this because we all want to be happy.  Bacon makes me happy.   But then again, Minions also make me happy.  Why can’t I have a multitude of little yellow laughing slaves cooking bacon and making me a sammich?  That’ll make me happy.  And while I’m on the subject, what motivates a minion to be happy?  They’re not human, but I think it’s pretty well understood that Minions are banana obsessed.


Note to self.  Get some bananas at the store.

Now, here’s the thing.  Sometimes – life isn’t about bananas.   Sometimes, life is anything but bananas.   Sometimes you are served a crap sandwich, with a side of buttered crap.   And a nice maraschino piece of crap sits on top.  The fact that life sometimes comes with the contrast of crap doesn’t mean it’s supposed to be crappy.    Without the crap we sometimes encounter in life, how would we know what life is like without crap?

You see, happiness is solely dependent upon our recognition and deliberate effort to avoid crap.  We should instead seek the banana.  

It’s a choice to be happy.

You control yourself.   You control the actions and reactions in your life.   You are the master of your boat.  The destination of your life is decided by your hands.  

That’s the answer to the question of life.  Find your own personal banana, that thing that gives your a smile and contentment, peel it, and there – with your banana – you’ll find happiness.