A failed hard drive can be repurposed, with some of the interior parts used for other uses.   This video demonstrates that you can organize brushes in a studio by using a Neodymium Magnets found inside.   The rare earth metal magnets are found in modern hard drives and are used in the head actuator assembly.

Brushes in the Art Studio or Makeup Station

If you’re going to use this method to organize your brushes, or allow your brushes to dry under your easel or on the side of your utility cart, as I demonstrate in the video, be sure that the brushes have a metal cladding on the bristles that is both black and magnetic in nature.    You’ll be much happier if you do so before you purchase a number of brushes without giving this a thought or consideration.

Black Cladding

Black cladding brushes are preferred because of the excessive glare caused by polished shiny cladding surfaces used by many more affordable brand brushes.    A future video will detail various brands that I find that have both black cladding and a magnetic base material.

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