As we progress in age during life, it seems we strive to do things that would be impossible to achieve even in our youth.

We sign up for aerobic classes where we jump up and down in sync to the latest music, which really isn’t music.  We promise to learn to speak pig latin fluently, but wind up speaking a version of bastardized Spanish while ordering tacos.  “Sí, me gustaría dos tacos favor”

We remember our youth, before we knew what it was like to be butt naked in a hospital gown, when we ran three miles without thinking about our feet, singing in cadence to a Marine Corps drill instructor’s strange song about Suzy Rottencrotch.   We plan our meals based on a cruel misconception that for something to be healthy, it has to taste like crap and have the consistency of dirt.   

What ever happened to just enjoying life?   Why can’t we just eat a piece of bacon and savor the taste of something good in our mouth?

Yeah, I know that writing about bacon is crazy talk.   Or, is it really?   I guess I’m just self-conscience of the amount of money that I spent this post weekend purchasing parts to build a new computer.  Even today – as I continue to try to meet my weight loss goals and exceed my exercise regimen in a vain effort to gain a couple of months of longevity in life, I still suffer from being a gadget geek.

Something happens to me when it’s time to build a new computer.  I get all excited reading about new technologies coming out – how a new CPU can encode a video in 5 minutes, when my current computer rig takes nearly 45 minutes to do the same amount of work.   Really?   What?  Huh?   And it costs how much?   Only $650 for a computer processor?   What a bargain.


What’s the answer?  How do we approach such impossible questions in life?  Well, my answer is simple.    Bacon.   And more bacon.    And scrambled eggs.   And gravy.   Maybe a biscuit.   But, definitely bacon.  And black coffee.

So, I guess what I’m trying to say is that we often set ourselves up for failure with unreasonable goals and objectives in our lives.     Bacon is more reasonable.   And it tastes good.

No Jeff, you can’t buy a couple of gazillion core intel processors with 128 gigabytes of ram with four video cards.   You’re letting the geek leash out a little bit too far.   But – you can be prudent.   Save up some money over time and put aside a set amount of money each month in order to purchase an upgrade that is reasonable and will be able to meet most of your technological objectives without causing a bank account meltdown.   

I guess what I’m trying to say – yes, we need to play and have fun in our lives.   But, don’t sweat the small stuff.   Don’t stress out about unreasonable goals.   Don’t lose sight of the utility to try to have some fun    Go ahead.  Have some bacon.   Or… hey, I know.   How about we get a pizza with some bacon on it?   Pizza is the answer to everything.   That’s what my dog says anyhow.