New Year’s Resolutions are like a business plan for the soul. 

When you write your new year business plan, set clear goals and objectives that are critical for your success in the new year.   You should do this because having clear goals will provide you with a path to success in meeting those goals.   This, in turn, will provide reasonable confidence that you can meet your goals and make your new year resolutions of 2016 the best yet.

When you write your New Years Resolutions for 2016, it’s important to review what worked and didn’t work in 2015 and adjust your plan accordingly.  This is a critical element for your soul’s business plan.  This allows you to identify the necessary steps for achievement of your goals for the new year. 

What worked last year?

The first task is to review last years resolutions and review based upon your performance last year, predict a reasonable goal for the new year.

What didn’t work last year?

Think about a structured plan that you can follow.   Perhaps if you develop a new years goal for health, break down the task into 3 month incremental goals – each quarter should have individual goals.

Writing Step by Step New Years Resolutions

Breaking down new years resolutions into steps that can be easily followed is preferred than a end of year goal without any direction or focus to achieving that goal.  As in business, the more you break down the task into small steps and accomplish each in turn, the greater your chances of having success.

Tomorrow is New Years Eve.

In order for your new years resolution plan to be effective, you should seriously consider writing it prior to the start of the New Year.   The more you plan now, and break down your goals into easily achieved steps, you’ll enjoy success in the new year. 

If you follow me on twitter (@jeffwspencer) you know that I believe the greatest investment I am making this year is my health.   My second investment is having a better attitude about investing in going to the gym, and overcoming the psychophysical limitation of a numb leg.   I also intend to include some additional goals regarding travel photography and personal goals regarding my creative endeavors. 


Prior to my diagnosis of melanoma, I was a body builder and ran three miles four times a week.  My goal is to slowly work back into long distance cardio stamina, and power lifting.   My muscular physique is still intact, even though I will have some challenges due to the side effects of my surgery.

My New Years Resolution as a business plan.

I’m going to write out my soul’s new year’s business plan for tomorrow’s blog post.   I will detail the long term goals, and break those goals into achievable steps.

I will review the year 2015 and detail what worked, and then detail modified goals for the new year, and then finally break those goals into steps that can be achieved, with quarterly check points   

My health goals are measurable and thus manageable.  The goals concerning my attitude adjustment will be time and repetition based and, thus, harder to measure.    I intend to pray and then sleep on the subject tonight, and perhaps start writing down a solution in the morning. 

So, I invite you to plan your goals for the new year as you would a business plan. 

I will share my plan with you tomorrow.   

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