In a past blog post, I wrote about the untimely death of my sister-in-law, Kelli Hysell, who passed two weeks after her 46th birthday.   One of the impacts of Kelli’s death has been an intense desire to connect with family who are far removed by distance.   It occurred to both my wife and I that we have the perfect vehicle to connect to family and it’s been right in front of us for a long time and we never really utilized it.

Have You Ever Heard of YouTube?

For the past couple of weeks, I’ve thought about making a video introducing my YouTube channel.   I never thought that an initial ten minute video could be so hard to make a reality.  My goal is to load at least one video per week to the channel, but this first video was a challenge.

What Makes It Hard?

I’ve tried making the video in my studio with four different cameras.  Later, at my desk with the same four different cameras.  Finally, after having picked one camera that gave the best picture with ease of use, I took my endeavor outside.  I have asked myself numerous times these past couple of weeks why this first video was so hard to make.  

The Truth Shall Set You Free

The difficulty has not really been the technical aspects or equipment, but about being “real” and setting the stage for later videos.  I come back to the fact that I want to share life with family, I want to be accurate, and I want to be seen for who I am when I am in front of the camera.   I want to be comfortable with myself because I’ve grown accustomed to being behind the lens.   I want to stay true to myself.   

Scratching My Head

I watched a lesson on about how to make informational videos and they said to use your best radio voice, and use dramatic lighting, or powerpoint slides.   Needless to say, this introduction video isn’t informational in nature and I didn’t use any of the advice offered.

The Past Points to the Future

I’ve had my YouTube channel for over ten years.  The number of uploads to the channel, however, is exactly the same as the number of subscribers: one.  It’s never been a personal goal of mine to be well known, or have a degree of fame in regards to putting myself on social media.  I love to write – so partially – my blog is an extension of my love of writing.  I love photography, so I share my photography.   I love adventure and finding perspective, and I love sharing the journey of learning how to create art.   


Naturally, I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m directing my efforts towards family and friends.   I also have a desire to be helpful for others.  I want to share my adventures and my love for learning and lessons learned in life. I want to explore the world, document my attempt to find my place in it, and share the experience and lessons learned. The billion people on YouTube are free to watch.  If I can accomplish these goals – to connect and share interesting things and answer common questions – then I will have succeeded.  So, here I am and this is where I’m starting.