“Oh, by the way – did I tell you?   I’m engaged!”   

Yeah, she actually said that to me.  She was holding up her hand showing me a ring with a huge rock on it.   I was a 21 year old US Marine Corporal, just home from an overseas deployment.  I had taken her out for lunch the day after my return from overseas, and she uttered those words.  She and I had written to each other every week for nearly eight months while I was gone.  I had even used an ancient Telegram service to send her birthday wishes and FTD flowers.   And no, she did not tell me that she was engaged in her letters.  She didn’t even tell me that she was dating anybody.   Her Fiancé was the rich son of somebody in Hollywood, a senior at Cal Poly majoring in engineering.  Me?   I was an enlisted US Marine.  I had to leave again in a few months for another deployment, and I rationally understood if I put myself in her shoes.  I figured she didn’t tell me while I was deployed because she didn’t want to send me a “Dear John” letter from home.  But the truth hurt – I never felt so inadequate.  Maybe I should have learned how to dance.

It’s somewhat funny looking back now.   In fact, it’s a good thing that she and I never got together. 

You can’t write a good story without living one in life.

It doesn’t really matter what her name was – I know it, remember it, and honor it by not revealing it here.   Suffice it to say – I’m not afraid of the events in my life that are responsible for who I am today. 

I don’t lose – I either win, or I learn.

Suffice it to say that I’ve learned a great deal.

Some people might say, “Why would you reveal such a personal thing about yourself?”   Well, that’s how you make friends isn’t it?   We share things that have happened in our life, putting things in context with other people to which they can relate.  Am I right?

I’m writing a blog.   It’s a personal blog and it covers various topics and photography that interest me.  In my mind, this means the reader should know something of the author/artist.  Nobody lives in a vacuum.   I’m not perfect by any means, and I’ve made mistakes the same as any person.  I’m not afraid of the challenges that I’ve faced in life.  They are responsible for who I am today.   My reputation is of little concern when other people talk about me, so long as they get the facts straight.   I really don’t care what people might say behind my back.  Some people have a habit of tearing other people down while trying to lift themselves out of the misery of their own creation.  That’s their issue – not mine. 

Work Harder when other’s sleep

So yeah, as I continue in my 500 words a day challenge, I might write about something that happened in my life that could be considered embarrassing.   Now, I’m not going to write something to embarrass someone else, just myself   This is the line I draw.   If I do use a name, I’ll change it.   


Life is about finding perspective.

Our ability to comprehend life from someone else’s point of view is the whole point of personal growth.  My life’s project continues to be to find beauty where none is thought to exist.   That’s how I choose to live my life.  That’s the purpose of my photography.   That’s the subject of my blog.

Granted, I’ve never told someone that I was engaged to somebody else and broke their heart.   But, then again, if I had told someone that I was engaged to somebody and broke their heart – they might find it really funny to learn that the engagement was called off.  And it might be hilarious to learn that a very expensive engagement ring was thrown into the ocean.  Maybe funny from one perspective.   But then again – somebody suffered a broken heart.  Having been in that position myself – not so funny.

But then again, just think that one day somebody with a metal detector walking along Laguna Beach will find a diamond ring, and write a story about how they sold it and opened a Dairy Queen.  Now THAT will be a great story.

Oh, and I’ll take a soft serve ice cream cone please.   And maybe some french fries.   And a root beer.

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