Play the video above and then read this post while listening. It will put you in the right frame of mind.

The Eclipse happened on Monday.  The flood started on Friday.

Living in Texas and having spent the majority of my life as a Texan, I am a proud son of Texas culture.  Texans, by nature, are nationalistic sons of bitches.   We’re not only Americans, but we’re Texans.   Texans have an independent streak that runs from our head down our spine to the crack of our ass.   We’re hard nosed, opinionated, proud, and usually right.

The code of the old west is still followed and expected of men and families in Texas.     The integrity of a person is measured by their ability to keep a spoken promise, their word.   Cutting corners is frowned upon.   That is to say, on ranches and farms in Texas, corners are not cut because families in the community might need food.  They can harvest the corner of the field and take what they need.   That’s where the saying originates.

What you see on the television about the response of Texans to neighbors needing help doesn’t surprise other Texans.  That’s the nature of Texas.  It’s in the nature of Texans. And it’s expected.   We wouldn’t be Texans if we just sat by and waited for somebody to rescue our neighbor.

Memorial Day in the Texas Hill Country comes every year with an expectation of a Texas flood.  Most people not from Texas wouldn’t know that fact.   You see, some people hate Texas because of the weather extremes, or the Cedar Fever (actually, Mexican Juniper) in the spring, or Fire Ants, or some other worse affliction that someone who is not a Texan may find offensive.

All Texans, Anglos included, were once Mexican citizens.   All Texans, even Blacks, were once free citizens of the Republic of Texas.   Texans still remember the Alamo.

Texans will long remember this flood after the waters recede.   And Texas will show the world our nature – once again.   We are united in our love for our State and our people, regardless of their status or station.

Texans take care of Texans because we’re all Texans.    Perhaps, maybe, Americans can learn to be Americans again – and feel pride in being American, and support each other because we’re American.   I hope so.

Drop the identity politics.   Buck up and grow a pair.  Put on a sports bra if you need one.  It doesn’t matter much to me.   If you need help, ask for help like an American.  If you can help an American in need, help like an American.

Maybe I’m old fashioned because I’m also a US Marine veteran.  I’m a Patriot.  I’m an American.   If that makes me a Nationalist – then so be it.   I don’t care if you’re white, black, brown, yellow, or red.   I don’t do identity politics which a false construct of the elite to separate people into groups.   Think about it – why would you want to treat people differently, as if they were 1st, 2nd, and 3rd class passengers riding on the Titanic.    You might want to do that if your goal is to take advantage of people and destroy a nation,

No, sorry.  You can get in and ride in my boat.  I’ll take you and your family out of the water.  I don’t care if your son is a basement dwelling spawn of the devil and is wearing the fascist uniform of Antifa.   Nobody is drowning in this flood tonight on my watch.  I’m a Texan.