Today is Sunday and I promised to write a weekly update on my personal goal accomplishments each week.   This is my first report on the subject.  I’ve been busy this past week with projects at work, as well as at home.  I was able to write well in excess of 500 words per day for this blog most of the week, though I skipped a couple days for other projects.

On the health front, I was able to walk in excess of three miles per day every day this week, except Saturday when I only walked two and a half miles.    It was dang cold on Saturday evening, and the wind was howling. 

I am drinking 88oz of ice water, as noted  on my daily checklist.  I was only partially successful with my attempt to replace coffee with green tea.  I have been using lemon lime soda with orange and mango juice and I plan on doing so until all of the soda is consumed – after which I will be mixing juices only.  I have only replaced one meal this week with a protein shake – but hey – you’ve got to start somewhere.   

This week I added a couple more tasks to my weekly schedule – which I believe is now reaching the point of saturation.   In addition to working out, writing 500 words a day on this blog, writing a book, and spending at least an hour a day (during lunch) practicing guitar – I have decided to acquire the skill and practice drawing horses with a personal “draw one horse a day” challenge.  I’ve been reluctant to put paint on canvas in my painting endeavors because I have a general lack of skill drawing, so I temporarily replaced painting with drawing.  The ability to perceive light and shadow of objects in the real world and record them on paper is a good development skill for the right brain – the artistic side of the house.   I am a confirmed left-brain centered person – as I tend to look at things with the mind of an engineer and lawyer.   I am, therefore,trying to explore and develop my artistic senses – which I have ignored for far too long.   

Regarding my drawing, you might ask  “Why horses?”   Well, my first book involves horses – and I thought that I might combine the stories in my mind and create the images on paper, using my artistic eyes.  Perhaps after I learn how to draw horses, I’ll attempt to draw a lama, maybe chickens, pigs, and goats.  I guess that means that I don’t want to give up.

I would like to be a better artist in all of my endeavors – and developing the skills of an artist means engaging in artistic endeavors. 

On top of that – spring is fast approaching, which is usually consumed with traveling and adventures of exploration and seeking perspective.   So, as I continue to mark off progress on my daily task in pursuit of my goals – I can report that I am making steady progress.