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Digital Dream Team

We give ERS (Event Rental Systems) inflatable businesses the tools to prosper in a digital environment.   With our combined knowledge and experience, we will help your business unlock the power of the digital frontier.   We will assist your marketing and advertising campaigns to the next level whether you need help with setting up a a website or more advanced needs with professional photography and video media services.

Our Services

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It is important that your business brand remain consistent in the digital frontier.   Branding is more than a logo, but concerns the overall style, fonts, color scheme.


Search Engine Optimization is more than keywords and content: speed, accuracy, usability and accessibility.  We will help you optimize your online presence.

Photography and Video

Our digital skills extend into digital visual arts.   Some of our photography and video has been featured in Hollywood productions, the Texas Monthly magazine, Forbes, Local News stations, Doctor’s offices and in the homes of clients.

Award Winning Websites

The Digital Dream Team has been involved with some national high profile web projects in the corporate and small business ecosystem.   Members of the team have won or contributed to winning awards for accessibility and usability.  We have experience with both enterprise and small business.   The team is focused in helping small businesses in the inflatable rental business, using the widely popular and recognized ERS (Event Rental System) application to meet this unique and exciting business space.

We Design for Mobile Plaforms, FIRst.

If a website looks good on a mobile and tablet device, then it will likely look good on other devices as well.   That’s why we start development with a mobile first point of view.

We Make Your Website Work.

It’s important that you website not only work on a mobile device, but that it meets and exceeds criteria for all devices – whether your website visitor is using an Android or iOS based device.

Our workflow.

We start with requirements gathering and research your expectations to develop a cost.  We then move to a hypothetical wire frame design, then a staging your design for review, and finally developing your website and deployment to a production environment.

If you’re a complete “noobie” with little practical knowledge about the web, the Digital Dream Team is here to help your business succeed and thrive on the web.

Project Research

Requirements gathering.


Simplified of chunks of information that goes on a page, usability testing.


Selecting colors, logos, domains, and creating mockup pages.


Bringing it all together, we use the design elements to finally construct your business website.

Let’s Work Together


Give us a call and let us know your needs.  We would love the opportunity to help your business.